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"A prodigy, [running] the emotional gamut from brooding introspection to manic exuberance” The San Francisco Examiner

"A gifted, sincere musician, and serious artist" - Ruth Slenczynska, concert pianist, student of Sergei Rachmaninoff, Alfred Cortot, Artur Schanbel, Josef Hoffman

"Inspiring...a special experience [which] drew audiences into a spell...Yang's playing ranged from playful to wild drama and emotions"- Geilenkirchen Zeitung (Germany)

Andrew’s musicianship reflects a strong sense of personal involvement and deep love for the music.  He is a strong and passionate performer, and his playing exhibits considerable maturity, a wide range of color and expression, and a solid and powerful technical command of the instrument.  Moreover, his deep musicality communicates to the audience."

- Dr. William Wellborn, San Francisco Conservatory 

"A young American pianist of special class" - Meinbezirk Newspaper (Austria)

 “[Yang is] a special musician [and] an extremely talented and accomplished pianist. His playing is consistently soulful and poetic; he plays with power and polish” - Audrey Axinn, The Juilliard School & Mannes School of Music

"He has a remarkable talent, his innate musical understanding combined with a fine technical facility [gives] him an ability to grasp the essence of each piece." - Julian Dawson, Former Associate Conductor of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Glyndebourne Festival Opera

"A talented and unique artist" - James Giles, Northwestern University

"How beautiful! Indeed it was one of the best music and sound...true courageous and poetic playing" -Yuri Kim, Mannes School of Music 

"You play the piano with so much power and high emotion, I´ve never seen before such a perfect performance. I am very impressed and inspired for painting a portrait of you."

- Jutta Wenth, artist/painter (Austria)

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